Hello, I'm Max Le.

I'm a developer based in Melbourne.



UI/UX Design


Client / Server Scripts


Styling / Animation


Web Development

Driven, Self-Motivated, Problem Solver, Critical Thinker.

I'm a Freelancer currently living in Melbourne, Asutralia. I have a serious passion for UI/UX design and creating modern UI which followed to the lastest trending in the world. I used Figma to design wireframe and make it with HTML5 and CSS3I have a strong knowledge with ReactJS and I have worked with this library when I studied university. With Redux or Mobx, I can manage the state well and make scalable app. I am a fan of Styled Components, it's really help me increase the ability to read the code.My main goal is making a scalable app that can handle 1 MILLION USERS daily and practicing is a key to this goal. MERN is my favorite stack and I love to work with Typescript since it provides types and it's easy for debugging large project.


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<Core />

I'm a software developer who focusing on Front-End Development. I keep up with all the latest features of React, Javascript, Typescript, CSS, HTML, Redux and Mobx. This includes, and is not limited to, React Hooks/Router, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, and complex state management.

<Development />

For the development process, I set up my dev environment withNode.js, initialize projects withWebpack and handle my workflow and source control with Git and Git Bash. I am capable of rendering both client-side and server-side apps using the Next.js framework.

<Design />

I am a fan of creature, I had been worked with CSS, SASS Modules, and some famous frameworks such as Material UI and Bootstrap as well. But I am a fan of Styled Components, I would immediately choose it for my personal project :D.


Here are some of my recent projects. Hover a project card to view more details.

GetfromYT is an online services that support user download and cut video, audio from Youtube with fastest speed.


An online E-commerce store which selling grocery and delivery it to users.

Sprouts Market

An online E-commerce subway website that selling subway item.

Subway LAMP

An online Landing Page for a startup company in Poland. This project is written by pure HTML + CSS + JS.

Fantasy animated landing page

An online video/audio editor tool with the combine of many quick tools such as video cutter, video joiner, add subtitle using React and Web Assembly.